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ArcelorMittal Construction Caraïbes is at the service of all those involved in the construction industry who want to build sustainably while respecting the environment. Our steel solutions, both simple and innovative, meet the many requirements you encounter on your new-build or renovation sites. With its unique expertise in roofing, gutters, floors and walls, ArcelorMittal Construction Caraïbes is continually mobilising all its know-how to exploit the unique qualities of steel in resolutely modern, high-performance construction systems.

Steel has the unique ability to integrate aesthetically into construction and to blend beautifully with other materials. Backed by sales teams ready to listen to you, ArcelorMittal Construction Caraïbes offers assistance to help you define the complete solution to meet the specific needs of each of your projects. ArcelorMittal Construction Caraïbes is committed to local service: installation training, technical advice, expertise in current regulations, product-specific calculation software, etc.

Finally, ArcelorMittal Construction Caraïbes is a state of mind that combines the different passions we have for building, steel and our customers, i.e. you. Our raw material, iron, one of the constituents of steel, is one of the most abundant elements in the earth's universe. Today, sustainable development and environmental protection are requirements to which we fully subscribe: the material "steel" does not emit any substances that pollute the environment. Since 1960, thanks to electric steelworks, steel has halved its energy consumption and CO2 emissions, and reduced dust emissions by more than 90 million tonnes. Steel is infinitely recyclable: almost 50% of the world's steel production is made from recycled steel. Delivered in the form of finished products, steel minimises waste and on-site storage. Steel is durable and solid: the galvanisation process now provides effective protection against corrosion. Thanks to its ductility, steel is highly resistant to earthquakes, making it safer. The excellent thermal insulation and low inertia of the buildings that use it mean substantial energy savings... 

Created and owned by the ArcelorMittal Group, ArcelorMittal Construction Caraïbes relies on the research and development of the world leader in steel to imagine and offer, for your benefit as well as the comfort and safety of your customers, products and solutions resulting from technological innovations successfully implemented in projects.

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