Embracing Sustainability: ArcelorMittal Construction Introduces XCarb® Recycled and Renewably Produced Steel to Reduce Carbon Footprint by Up to 70% 
22.05.2024 - News

In line with our dedication to a sustainable future, ArcelorMittal Construction is excited to present our latest offering: products made with decarbonized steel. 

Introducing XCarb® Recycled and Renewably Produced steel, which slashes the carbon impact of steel production by roughly 70% compared to conventional methods. Our XCarb® Recycled and Renewably Produced PIR sandwich panels can reduce the carbon footprint by up to 45%, while our long span decking offers a reduction of up to 60%. These eco-friendly products are now available for purchase. 

XCarb® steel is crafted using Electric Arc Furnaces (EAF) that incorporate at least 75% recycled steel and 100% renewable electricity, setting a new standard in green steel innovation.  

At ArcelorMittal Construction, we are proud to be at the forefront of sustainable construction solutions. Our XCarb® Recycled and Renewably Produced products are a significant milestone for the architecture, engineering, and construction sectors striving for sustainability. No other steel manufacturer is currently producing comparable volumes of low-carbon steel for the construction industry. 

Being part of the ArcelorMittal group allows us to leverage extensive expertise to deliver top-tier low-carbon steel products. Customers can now choose from a range of options, including PIR sandwich panels and long span decking made with XCarb® steel. 

Steel’s recyclability and durability make it one of the most sustainable materials globally. However, with the steel industry accounting for 7% of global CO2 emissions, decarbonized steel is crucial for achieving carbon neutrality. XCarb® steel, produced using 100% renewable energy and 75% scrap material, reduces climate impact by around 70% compared to traditional blast furnace steel. 

The XCarb® program includes all ArcelorMittal’s low and zero-carbon steel products and broader green initiatives, aiming for carbon-neutral steel production by 2050. 

Using XCarb® steel, we estimate a carbon footprint reduction of up to 60% in long span decking production and up to 45% in PIR sandwich panels. We anticipate soon providing Environmental Product Declarations (EPDs) for products like Ondatherm® sandwich panels and Hacierco® long span decking. 

Jean Christophe Kennel, CEO of ArcelorMittal Construction, states, “As leaders in green steel production, we are fully committed to CO2 reduction. Our XCarb® products are a vital step towards decarbonizing the construction industry.” 


Laura Descos, Sustainability Manager at ArcelorMittal Construction, adds, “We’re proud to offer products that help our customers meet their decarbonization goals, bringing us closer to the Paris Agreement objectives.” 


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