Bromo Bora

Discover the Bora panel, an integrated technical solution offering cladding, load-bearing structure and insulation functions. Composed of an exterior lacquered profile, a polyurethane foam core and a low-ribbed interior lacquered steel facing, the Bora panel represents the perfect combination of performance and aesthetics.

ArcelorMittal Construction Caraïbes is committed to facilitating access to the Bora system solution for construction companies. Our offer includes specialised technical assistance, standard lengths available in stock from our distribution partners, and a full range of installation accessories. In this way, we do everything we can to make the Bora solution accessible and adaptable to every construction project.With a minimum quantity of 200 m2, the Bora solution is available according to your specific needs. Lead times are flexible and can be obtained on request, ensuring a rapid response tailored to your requirements.

Choosing Bora cladding sandwich panels means opting for a versatile technical solution, backed by the expertise of ArcelorMittal Construction Caraïbes. Make your construction projects more efficient and effective with the Bora solution, designed to meet the high standards of the B2B construction sector.

Discover Bora, the all-in-one panel from ArcelorMittal Construction Caraïbes: performance, aesthetics, accessibility. Transform your projects with our expertise.

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