Bromo Hacierba

Bromo Hacierba is the benchmark choice for steel cladding, specially designed to meet the complex needs of renovation and new build in the B2B construction sector. Combining high durability, a diverse range of standard colours and high quality waterproofing, our cladding profile is a complete solution that exceeds market expectations.

Bromo Hacierba's exceptional durability guarantees long-term protection for your buildings, ensuring a solid investment in sustainability. Our wide range of standard colours offers aesthetic customisation, allowing seamless integration into a variety of architectural contexts, while meeting industry standards.By meeting the most demanding requirements of the B2B construction market, Bromo Hacierba is not only a steel solution, but can also be adapted to your specific needs by also being available in aluminium. This alternative offers greater flexibility in the choice of materials while retaining the inherent advantages of quality and performance.

Opt for durability, aesthetic diversity and performance with Bromo Hacierba, a complete and versatile solution ready to excel in the demanding world of B2B construction.

Bromo Hacierba: durability and aesthetic diversity in steel, adaptability in aluminium. B2B excellence in every profile.

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