Cofraplus 60

Steel, a key player in the reinforcement of concrete slabs and the creation of supports, is taking on a new dimension with the mechanical performance and light weight promoted by ArcelorMittal Construction Caraïbes. Beyond its traditional role, steel offers vast opportunities in the field of floors, demonstrating increased versatility and efficiency.

ArcelorMittal Construction Caraïbes is presenting the Cofraplus 60 steel floor, a special galvanised steel profile designed to play a central role in floor construction. By acting as formwork when the concrete is poured, this profile plays an active role in the mechanical strength of the concrete floor, while eliminating the need for the bottom welded mesh present in traditional concrete floors.The lateral embossing of the Cofraplus 60 steel floor is not simply aesthetic; it encourages a close association between steel and concrete, creating an optimal structural symbiosis. This collaboration makes full use of the advantages of steel, both in terms of strength and lightness, ensuring long-lasting, high-performance results.

Opting for the collaborative steel floor from ArcelorMittal Construction Caraïbes means choosing an innovative solution that goes beyond conventional standards. Combining the robustness of galvanised steel with a design geared to performance, this solution meets the specific requirements of the B2B construction sector, paving the way for sustainable, cutting-edge architectural projects.

ArcelorMittal Construction Caraïbes: Steel, the mainstay of our collaborative floors, redefines construction with excellence and sustainability.



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