Mauka Bora

Composed of an externally lacquered profile, a polyurethane foam core and a low-ribbed lacquered steel inner facing, the Bora panel offers a complete and versatile solution to meet the varied requirements of construction projects.

The external appearance of the panel features a lacquered profile that is not only aesthetically appealing, but also offers lasting protection against the elements. The internal structure, with a polyurethane foam core, ensures optimum thermal insulation, helping to improve the energy efficiency of buildings. The low-ribbed lacquered steel inner cladding adds a layer of strength while providing an elegant interior finish.

Another key benefit of the Bora panel is its ease of use, with technical support available to guide building professionals through the installation process. In addition, its availability in standard lengths from distributors simplifies procurement, enabling projects to be implemented more quickly.

ArcelorMittal Construction Caraïbes goes beyond simply supplying the Bora panel by offering a complete range of installation accessories specially designed to optimise the use of the Bora system. This comprehensive approach aims to make the Bora solution accessible and practical for construction companies, offering a reliable, high-performance alternative for their projects.

In short, the Bora panel is an integrated and innovative response to the diverse needs of construction projects, combining quality, ease of use and exceptional performance. Thanks to ArcelorMittal Construction Caraïbes, the Bora system solution is becoming an accessible reality for building professionals, contributing to the success of their projects in a competitive market. Explore the advantages of the Bora panel for optimal and sustainable building solutions.

ArcelorMittal Construction Caraïbes: Excellence in supplying and optimising the Bora solution for your projects.

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