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Mauka Classic, an undisputed benchmark in the construction industry, is positioned as the roofing solution of choice for steel refurbishment and new build projects. Our commitment to quality and efficiency is reflected in the meticulous design of Mauka Classic, a B2B solution that exceeds the expectations of the construction industry.

Mauka Classic's lightweight modular elements offer the optimum combination of strength and ease of handling, ensuring a solid structure while simplifying the installation process on site. The simple assembly of our products helps to speed up completion times, enabling your construction projects to be carried out more efficiently.In addition to its ease of use, Mauka Classic offers a comprehensive range of accessories, providing maximum flexibility in the design and implementation of your projects. At Mauka, we understand the specific requirements of the B2B construction sector, which is why we offer you a complete range of products and accessories to meet all the nuances of your projects.

Choosing Mauka Classic means choosing a complete solution that combines quality, practicality and adaptability for your construction projects. Redefine industry standards with Mauka Classic and ensure exceptional results in every project.

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