Mauka Hacierba

Experience the epitome of roofing excellence with our Mauka Hacierba roof decking profile. Crafted with precision and ensuring optimal performance for your projects. You can customize your decking profile according to your project's requirements and choose from thickness options, available in solid or perforated versions. This versatility ensures adaptability to suit a wide range of architectural needs.



The perforated version, offers enhanced acoustic performance, making it ideal for environments prioritizing noise reduction. Engineered with premium materials, our decking profile ensures unparalleled durability, capable of withstanding diverse challenges in various environments, safeguarding your projects' structural integrity. Benefit from enhanced design flexibility with our decking profile's optimized span, providing ample coverage for a variety of architectural configurations.



Accommodate large-scale projects effortlessly with extended lengths, catering to expansive roofing requirements seamlessly. With our roof decking profile, experience unmatched structural integrity and acoustic excellence, surpassing industry standards to deliver superior performance for your projects.

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Elevating structural integrity and acoustic performance for your projects

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