Mauka Tropic

The Mauka range embodies the constant evolution of steel cladding as the benchmark material for roofing solutions. Over the years, its exceptional qualities have forged its reputation within the construction industry.

At ArcelorMittal Construction Caribbean, we are committed to simplifying access to complete steel roofing systems for the construction industry. Our approach is characterised by a comprehensive offer and services adapted to each stage of the process.

We provide our customers with specialist technical support, ensuring a thorough understanding of the features and benefits of our products. In addition, our comprehensive range of installation accessories offers maximum flexibility during installation, ensuring optimal integration of our solutions into a variety of construction projects.

ArcelorMittal Construction Caribbean works closely with our distribution partners to maintain stocks of standard products, ensuring rapid availability of the necessary materials. This logistical approach aims to support smooth operations for our construction customers.

By choosing the Mauka range, our customers benefit not only from the renowned quality of steel pan, but also from ArcelorMittal Construction Caribbean's commitment to providing complete steel roofing solutions, tailored to the specific needs of each project. We are confident that our integrated approach will contribute to the success and sustainability of our customers' building projects.

The Mauka range offers a multitude of advantages that set it apart in the market. With a diverse range of colors available, it allows for customization of any project according to aesthetic preferences. Its adaptability is remarkable, with the ability to be installed on slopes ranging from 5 to 15%, thus providing a flexible solution for various terrains. Additionally, its capability to cover multiple square meters at once accelerates the installation process, making it a convenient choice for large-scale projects. Without compromising quality, the Mauka range remains cost-effective in fully installed cost, offering a economical solution. Its lightweight nature and ease of handling make it a favorite among professionals, while remaining bendable to adapt to even the most complex shapes.

The Mauka range from ArcelorMittal Construction Caraïbes: a constant evolution of steel cladding, offering complete, high-quality roofing solutions to the building trade.

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